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Simple and easy to use, but packed with amazing features!

IZiBackup safely and securely backs up all of your files, from all your computers, online. It works in the background and automatically backs up all your files so that you don’t have to be concerned about losing your valuable files. You can restore your data files, even deleted ones, quickly and easily. It’s totally secure, simple to use, and super-quick to setup. Best of all, you get absolutely unlimited backup space, so that you can back up all of your files of all your computers. No more lame excuses for not making backup’s see Carbonite offer codes here


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Automatic backup

iZibackup keeps track of all your files as you work, and backs all of them up as soon as you save them – there’s no need to keep in mind to make a backup.

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Works on Windows and Mac

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a PC or Mac, or both, iZibackup gets results in the same way.

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100% secure

Your backups are completely private and protected. iZiBackup uses 256-SHA encryption, and your files are located in state of the art secure data centers.

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Up to 30 versions of any file

iZiBackup will keep the last 30 versions of your files, so that you can revert back to them any time you need.

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Up to Unlimited backup

Your iZibackup account may come with absolutely unlimited storage. It doesn’t matter how many files you have: we will keep them all.

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Easily restore files

Download your files, even deleted ones, whenever you want via the iZibackup portal, or using our restore application.

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Access your files from anywhere

With iZiBackup you can safely and securely access all of your backed up data files from any computer, anyplace in the world – all you need is an internet connection.

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View your documents online

Log into our ultra powerful iZiBackup portal and you can access your office documents, from your browser, without needing to have office application installed.

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Play your music anywhere

Our iZiBackup portal includes a built in music player, allowing you stream your music directly to your web browser. Surf all of your audio by artist, genre, album or year.

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Stream your videos

All of your videos can be streamed directly to your web browser, regardless of what format they’re in, anyplace in the world.

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View photos with slideshows

Browse all of your photos with thumbnails, and view them directly in your web browser. You can easily create slideshows and view your photos in full screen.

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Stream your movies & music to your iPad or iPhone

iZiBackup will transform the way you make use of your iPad & iPhone. Install the free Open Access app and you can immediately stream all of the videos and music that you have backed up right from your laptops or computers to your unlimited online storage. You can also access your documents and photos. Any data you have backed up is now directly available to you, from anyplace.

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