What is Backup ?

What Is Online Secure Backup ?

In itself a backup is the process of making duplicates of information which may be used to recover the original after a data loss occurrence.

Backups have two distinct purposes: to recover information after its loss and to recover information from an earlier time.

If you haven’t lost information yet, think of yourself a lucky person! It occurred to most people. It occurs if you lose a computer, if your laptop get stolen, due to equipment errors, virus attack or any other disastrous occurrence like a flood, a fire, a hurricane or an earthquake. The main thing, you are always exposed to losing useful, important and irreplaceable information from your laptop or computer. The best option we have found for backup is Carbonite ( coupon deals here ) it offers a state of the art online and cloud backup option which is just a few cents per day when spread out across the year

Backing up your information and keeping that information someplace secure, safe and separate, means that you will at all times have a duplicate of your information, just in case something terrible happens to your original files.

A great number of people opt to back up their information onto CD’s, DVD’s, tapes or external hard drives. What users don’t understand is that if these files are not kept safely in a separate place, they are under the same danger of being destroyed by fire, flooding or other disastrous occurrence. The online backup eliminates this threat because data files and documents can be instantly backed up and easily restored when needed.

As online connections become more extensive and fast, online backup services are becoming more popular. Back up over the World Wide Web to a remote Datacenter can protect your files against certain circumstances such as fires, flooding, or tremors which would eliminate every back-up in the direct surrounding area alongside with everything.

So, if disaster hits and you have made an online backup of your laptop or computer, you don’t have to fear about your useful content whether it’s your share accreditations or photos of your baby’s first steps.

If you backup your information with iZiBackup, you will always have a current version of your information and it’s always available for you online. It also achieves the second purpose of backup, it preserves up to 30 versions of your files allowing you to recover information from an earlier time.