What is Online Backup?

What is Online Backup?

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As the name online backup implies, it is the process of backing data and files up remotely through the internet, or in the cloud as the expression goes. This is an alternative to backing the files up physically near the location the files originate from. Back up services that exist online are able to offer users the ability to keep backup data up to date regularly throughout the clock.

When it comes to making copies of data and files, computer users have many options they can use. There are many offline options computer users can pursue such options are: CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, additional computer hard drives, jump drives and many more. All these options work fine, usually, when backing up files during preparation if the computer fails. However, the main problem with these backup types is the sharing of the same physical location as the original files. In disasters like fire or theft for example, the backups and original files have the same likelihood that they will be destroyed.

By storing the data in more remote locations, such as online, it will survive. This is what makes online backups handy. Other major advantage to using online backup is the fact it is virtual. No dealing with annoying cords, labeling systems that can get confusing, cataloging physical media types such as CDs. By using offsite backup systems, a person can take advantage of having data consistently backed up and the peace of mind knowing the modern encryption techniques are protecting their information.

Which Providers For Online Backup Should I Look At ?

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